We are driven by passion and we feel like we can achieve all the goals we have in mind. We do things that are not always our best options. However, there is a force that pushes us forward and this madness energy gives us courage. We feel scared and lost in many moments of this life, but the motivation we feel makes us always think that “I will”. We are blinded for the possible outcome and there is no sense of risk for us when only have the destination in our way. No matter how many obstacles, is not important how long it would take, every desire we feel is going to give us unbelievable power. There is something from human actions that makes us motivated by the unknown, where the hopes and the beliefs are secret weapons that made a simple mortal being, a divine entity that all it takes is one more chance. When we are doing things based on courage, no mountain is too big, no ocean is too deep, and no obstacles in front of love are high enough to keep us still. We do things out of ordinary, we jump over the angry waters, we step on fire but we are still holding the heavy burdens when we are drowning in deep feelings. We feel invincible surrounded by pure love, and the strength we get is keeping us alive. However, there are some days when we need to have the courage to move on when nothing works as planned, and we need the strength to keep our decision and not fall again into the sweet madness of love and disappointment.

“Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength while loving someone deeply gives you courage.”

― Lao Tzu

We need to have the strength to face and overcome the obstacles in life, and no one ever invented yet a pill for that. Is hard to keep the line when everything starts crumbling around, is even harder to keep yourself together when everything already falling down. We need motivation, we need encouragement, but what we want is usually different than the whole purpose. We stand for our virtue, and we face all the stones thrown in our side, without realizing that with all those we can build walls to keeps us protected and give the future life a chance. The strength is that keeps us together when things start to crumble, is to fix and heal what is already damage, which takes so much from only a human being. But the consequences for what we can get if we leave ourselves to fall back from where we start, to return to the beginning are scarier and there is no traceback. It gives us the power and strength to never get a second time in a period and place where everything was so hard to manage. We never realize how far we get unless we are watching us from the other side, and looking behind for all the mess that drags us down, we wish we could have more courage to leave before was so late. We cannot leave the wounds to remain open for too long, we are here with a purpose, we are here to discover what love is, to understand that no matter how deep is the ocean there is always a bottom. We just need enough strength to push in our feet to get up every morning and walk like we own the path. We need strength, we don’t wish anything that brings us back in weakness.

“If you spend your time hoping someone will suffer the consequences for what they did to your heart, then you’re allowing them to hurt you a second time in your mind.”

― Shannon L. Alder

Temperance is the armor that can shield our lives with virtue. We always should have moderation within ourselves, and to give to our body and soul what’s need it, but never overdosing. We have needs and we have desires, but no food or drinks, sex, and activities will bring us back what we got lost when we put our health on the lower scale. We should be fair with ourselves, and create a balance, to sleep enough and laugh more often, to work and use imagination, but never to forget to rest. We are responsible for our shape and form because we would not achieve our purpose if we don’t see we are enough. The ones around us with whom we create relations are our self-reflection, and no drama, injustice, or unfairly treated people would get us closer to our purpose. We are not who we are when we are alone, but who we are around of others, the interactions and compassion we can show. The justice would not be in other realms, but here, down on earth, when lacking all these virtues, will drag our sick bodies, empty souls, and clouded minds, into a place where we should be examples of perfection. We wish to be someone in life, but we forget that we already are everything is needed to achieve perfection, and to wish should not be bigger than what we need to be.

“It is the power of temperance, the steadying hand of wisdom, and the warmth of love for all that shapes my words even in the midst of the most heightened of disagreements. For if I allow temperance, wisdom, and the warmth of love to guide any engagement I may have (even though it might be one with my most hostile enemy), I will have set the stage for a place where seemingly unassailable walls can come down, hands can be extended in unexpected friendship, and the impossible is made impossibly possible.”

― Craig D. Lounsbrough

With all the courage, strength, and temperance our purpose would not be fulfilled unless there is justice in everything involved. There should not be consequences for good or bad, but the rewards for each of them. The justice should be there to give to each of us what deserves, as a close relative of karma. We are responsible for our acts because we have free will, and what we say and create around us defines ourselves. Our purpose is to achieve and evolve close to perfection, but it is our choice what path we want to take, and that should be rewarded. Now, these rewards can look shiny from the outside but without a strong character can get rotten faster, or like a dehydrated plant with enough water, sun and care can thrive and come back much stronger. We don’t sit and wait for these rewards to get in our lives, but from all our actions, the words we speak, and the people we are able to surround, we should be able to see results sooner than dawn. We wish so many things and people, but what we need to focus our time on is far beyond the expectations. When we stop for a single one, we can overflow it with too much love and care, but by sharing all the gifts we have with many more, we can achieve immeasurably more. There is courage when you start, there is temperance in all we wish, there is strength in all of our actions, but most importantly we need justice because being fair with ourselves can bring us closer to happiness.

“A good act does not wash out the bad, nor a bad act the good. Each should have its own reward.”

― George R.R.

I welcome you to follow the tale of that young lady who understood that life on Earth needs to be lives with virtue, and without essential factors like temperance, strength, courage, and justice, the purpose in life is hard to achieve.


….continue reading the rest of the tale in PART 53


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