I was driven by passion and desire and we are willing to lose everything for love. But why love is so naive and impulsive? We have different beliefs and we grow up in different environments, countries, but we feel more familiar with certain periods of time. The victorian era was an intriguing time, but some of the aspects remained imprinted in our genes carrying emotions through time. In those times there were a lot of unknown and hidden aspects, where love was forbidden before marriage and the price was too high to risk it all. With all the risks and consequences, in front of love, people did things out of their common behavior. Why is love so blunt and brave and makes us risk everything, even choosing death from so much passion and desire? A kiss in our days can be easily overlooked and the true meaning was lost, but there were times when only one kiss could ruin a whole family’s future and could end up with a duel. In the first kiss, there were compressed all the longing nights, the dreams, and unspoken words.

Speaking the truth from the heart was an insane act of courage, and was a virtue that could plead a case in front of the highest authorities or family. A lot of time we are afraid to tell our true feeling in front of others because we don’t want to be judged, we want to keep appearances or to protect our family. We leave ourselves in shadow, and we accept what was told because is hard to stand up in front of a fire that might be ignited. Nobody want’s to see the moment when a storm meets a volcano, but sometimes is impossible to take a different route and the only way is through it. The truth creates disturbance and catharsis in our lives, and being sincere can hurt when everything is told too blunt, but only who wants your best would say it. We choose to lie instead of telling the truth because we are hurt, we try to look different because we don’t want to get back to our times when we were betrayed, and think that another name or cover will give a new and fresh start. We all have a past, we all have flaws, and nothing makes more perfect than imperfections accepted. We care for each other more than we love them, that’s why is important to be friends, and enjoy the moments spent together. Love is full of passion but it consumes like in chemical reactions in a matter of moments, but friendship burns on the back burner and keeps it warm and secure, like a soft cushion that will always have your back in case you are falling. We ignore friendship because is not burning with the force of love, but when we crash under the train that past like a wreck, it is the only one that can hold our ground. A friendship is like a strong foundation when no matter what will challenge our lives, would keep the front line and would never disappoint us.

We need communication to build that foundation, compassion, understanding, and trust because love is everything but envy, lies, and betrayal. We are hiding our true feelings and turning our hearts from the ones that care for us without realizing that when is already too late. We make assumptions based on our illusion, when in fact things are totally different. We get ignored but someone is too scared to show their true intentions and we think they don’t care for us. For things to be clear and the intentions to be understood we only need an honest sentence, a look, or a kiss. Unspoken words are confusing and might make things look different than their true meaning. The anger and disappointment we feel regarding a situation are coming from our questions because we are helpless and confused. Sometimes we avoid someone’s presence thinking that will protect them from being hurt, without realizing that what hurts the most is silence. When we cause misery we are afraid to continue with any sort of actions, thinking that one more drop could overflow and lose everything. The clarity in communication can lift from our shoulders in seconds all of the burdens we felt. Honesty shouldn’t make us weak, but stronger because courage is from the ones that tried and never succeed and not from the ones that never even tried.


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