I was born in this world and even from the first hours of life I seemed weak and always in need of someone else to nurture me. Life comes with challenges and believe it or not, everything around me had an influence on all my decisions. But the power doesn’t stay in someone’s else panel and you get a spark in your lightbulb when the switch is on; that only happens when we talk about electricity. I might get influenced during my lifetime, but my power was bigger than I ever imagined. I have the power to begin or to stop, to resign, and to start over, I have the ability to reborn from ashes because my mind is all I need. One wish that clearly explains the destination, and what comes after it is divine. I frequently lose hope and I feel abandoned but the power of motivation and encouragement gives me the boost to lift the chin, adjust the crown, and walk gently in the day with confidence. Obstacles are hiding in each and every corner, whispering to me to give up, promising false hope, and try to discourage my beliefs. My mids connect everything I feel, I see, I taste or I wish, and is obviously why bad influence tries to unplug and to create disorder in my life. I imagine my mind as a battery, and the more I charge it with knowledge and I keep my curiosity high, the powerful it gets. Muscles need the training to get stronger, the mind needs a conscience to be useful. Both body and mind in time start degrading, but a trained mind will always be stronger than a powerful hand that once could lift heavyweights. I always admired the elderly because even though they seem weaker, their mind still speak volumes and I could sit and listen to their stories for hours without getting tired. Today I am younger and stronger, but the real power stays in my mind, so while I am still planting the seeds of knowledge I dream for the harvesting time when everything will make better sense. For now, all I need is to keep my curiosity sparkling and the mind clear to add as many beautiful things I can comprehend from this life on Earth.

“There is a fountain of youth: it is your mind, your talents, the creativity you bring to your life and the lives of people you love. When you learn to tap this source, you will truly have defeated age.” – Sophia Loren

Creation. What a beautiful word with such a beautiful meaning. Bare rocks can create a forest, it only takes patience, wind, sun, and weather variation. Clay and hey created homes in old times, and bare hands brought on the table fresh-baked bread from the oven. Everything is creation, and behind all of these inventions stays a brilliant mind that had one day an idea. Every creation made was meaningful, even if began as a failure because even a mistake came with perseverance and made a better idea. Nature is the main teacher we have to understand creation and the seasons rotates for us to continuously improve and develop new ideas, giving time and examples for our brilliant minds. A busy day gives me less time to silence my mind and in continuous chaos gets harder to come with great ideas. A curious mind asks questions, and sometimes many of those can not be wanted to get an answer. So when everything around us spins so fast, we get so busy with life, and then we get bombarded with all those news and disturbing noise, isn’t it toxic? An unplugged mind gives a working body great for manipulating, controlling, influencing, but sharp one questions everything. A bigger group of controlled people can seem intimidating but a smaller one of clear-minded can have better strategies to defend them. The power stays in the mind, not in the hands.

“Creativity is the power to connect the seemingly unconnected.” – William Plomer

A part exerting influence over another part using power sounds horrible, but two parts united for the same goals raise the potential for the double one. Many times the power is used not for creation but for destruction. Narcissists are using these tactics to intimidate a weaker person in their life to feel powerful. In reality, their incapabilities to use the power in creation only gets them to consumption. It is easy to spot these types of personalities when all they care about and want to achieve is for their own good. In the same way, we get bad influences from many things around us, those would affect us only if we allowed them. The balls are always in our court and the decisions stay in our hands, using the mind. Once we allow anything less that doesn’t fit our standards in any way and we settle for less would bring us to the lowest level we can achieve. Miracles are made for those people that reach the bottom and still have hope, using their intuition and their mind, a plan is made, an escape happens and a new life begins away from any harm. A good life is made with a clear mind that looks for hope not under hard fists that shows the power under their weight.

“The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don’t have any” – Alice Walker

I have the power, you have the power, we have the power to change this world for a better one. I felt many times that I don’t fit in standards, but creation, curiosity, challenges gave me the power to thrive. If I could make it to this point, I believe that anyone can do it even if today you might be disappointed and looking for this unfair life in front of you. Speak up, write, show to others what you learned, and one day, connecting all these dots will create a powerful world where everything is possible and we are all aware of it. Use your hand to pray and the mind to keep your prayers up, one day miracles will happen.

I welcome you to follow the tale of that young lady who believed creation is what is most important to advance and the power she had was from her curios mind that never let her gave up…


….continue reading the rest of the tale in PART 29


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