Many words were left on lover’s letters written with black ink in the nights with the silver moon. The ones from manuscripts that hold someone’s entire life between their covers, or words from doctors’ notes with a long list of pills to heal some illness that has no cure. Maybe the words from prayers for the ones who left this life to earlier.

But the eyes, what language speaks?

Eyes are speaking a different language too hard to read when you are looking with no heart at someone’s grimace, to easily overlooked when you just throw your sharp words and leave behind sad eyes that speak too much and overloaded.

It is often said that before you die your life passes before your eyes. It is in fact true. It’s called living.”    

Terry Pratchett

The body language talks in detail about eye movement and all those meanings and great writers left us volumes of how they are the windows for our soul. What I would really want to study for an entire fall semester, on all the courses assigned in hurry, would be the subject:

What eyes should see before they close?

Would not be notes to take, but field trips and personal observation are required and every day would be mandatory.

The assignments for this class will include observation, but there are not limited to the list below. We encourage you to go behind the horizon, to search between the rocks, to look above your expectations, to go on a journey for these answers, and try to grasp the following:

  • the sunrise coming out of the Black sea
  • the sunset from the top of a hill
  • the snowflakes dance
  • a plant that sprouts her leaves and grows in your backyard
  • the foliage in New Hampshire
  • the view from the top of a mountain after your hiking
  • the fluffy clouds from an airplane
  • kids playing
  • a free animal running

The list above is an easy task, and everyone should be able to achieve these observations. But the opportunity we offer for a charmed life requires a little more attendance and involvement.

The eyes of a mother who looks at her sleeping newborn, speak the perfection in any means. The way she looks at his tiny fingers and his perfect mouth looking for a few more drops of sweet milk can be kept only in the heart.

The eyes of a father who sees his daughter coming down the aisle wearing the pearled white dress, made of thin butterflies wings. Her braided almond hair holds flowers, her steps float above the red carpet and she is holding tight the fragrance of her peonies.

The eyes of her looking after the steaming train just left the station with her lover. The metal beast would take him away from her for many months that hardly she can count. She has no powers, she’s feeling lost, standing petrified with only a patch of cambric in her pocket from his army uniform she made.

The eyes of him that sparks vibrating glow when in the pale light of a jasmine candle he takes the veil from her harmonious body. His hands flow over her firm breast and touch is her flat middle, following the curves of her hips. With a tight connection between their looks, their world is blending and night will flow in an unexpected course.

The eyes that never seen each other on the beach in late hours of the night . The only thing they would remember were the pictures and all the messages they sent and all the dreams that pictured the most romantic night that holds two lovers hopes 

Open your eyes and see what you can with them before they close forever.

Anthony Doerr

I welcome you to follow the tale of that young lady who closed her eyes when she couldn’t hold the unexplored loved in her heart. When she woke up she discovered a new whole world in from of her eyes.


….continue reading the rest of the tale in PART 12


  1. Spot on with this write-up, I truly suppose this website needs far more consideration. I抣l probably be again to read much more, thanks for that info.

  2. It doesn’t make much sense for me, but if that is what you felt like doing, then maybe someone else needs to see it too.
    P.S. Sorry for your “loss”, but maybe sometimes we need to lose in order to learn.

  3. To the writer , I love your beautiful mind. your ability to connect nature with animals and reconcile how humans connect with themselves and with nature around them … all thru the eyes of a mother… your inspiration must come from above to write so knowledgeable and with wisdom. . i can not say where this inspiration comes from, but i do know only an Angel must and should posses the ability to make words beautiful once again. superd!!

    1. When we open our hearts to see how beautiful things around us are, it’s easy to understand how simple aspects can create majestic effects in our lives. True happiness we see it with clear eyes and an open heart.

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