“He wants to pretend this is all accidental, but for me, it isn’t a game. I haven’t simply let it happen. I’m falling because I jumped, and not because I tripped.”

― Megan Hart, Tear You Apart 

Do you hear the loud noise from the torn paper? It sounds like a piece of rusted metal foil cut it with a broken scissor.

Do you smell the fresh ink that didn’t have time to dry? It smells like fresh paint on a wet bathtub, that didn’t have time to dry out.

Do you see the pile of ripped letters from the floor? It looks like broken pieces of a soul from someone who couldn’t sleep for nights thinking of the loved one.

Now imagine how would you live with the deep disappointment of something that you never lived. I don’t think is something worst in human feelings that the one when your heart hurts. It is an uncontrollable feeling when you are helpless, you are weak, and you are lost. It can look like a tear in a wall, like the wind that blows from there, like the water that drains from there. The only one who doesn’t fit through that tear is the sun, and nothing makes the days brighter when you have a broken heart.

1893 – she met him 1943 -she lost him 2020 – she found him

The water would moisture a testa cover of a dried bean and would awaken it, as long is still alive.

Your tears will awaken you and make you grow, as long as you are still alive.

 “How could I have lived my entire life without knowing this man? His eyes are gray and green, and I smooth my fingertips over the arches of his brows. I touch the sleekness of the hair that falls in front of his ears.”

― Megan Hart, Tear You Apart

– Can you love someone that you never met before?

– Yes, she sighted, there is not such a thing. We met before, in many lives, and many times. It has been nights and days waiting for him, I sketched his charming smile in my dreams, I imagined the moment when we will meet in every morning that I opened my eyes. My hands were sweating and my heart was pounding so hard when I heard the phone ringing. The coffee that touched my lips was soft and bitter like his kiss. His eyes were bright and curious when we accidentally met in the city. He has always been with me, in every moment when I cried or I abandoned myself in other men’s arms. I searched for his calm words in every book I read, in every movie I watched, and in every song I listened to. I do, I loved him even before I met him. His love tears me apart and keeps me alive when nothing else can do it. He is the hope I kept in my broken soul, he is the true love I never felt, he is the desire that burns my heart, he is my favorite part of this human life.

I welcome you to follow the tale of that young lady who never understood why love hurts, and when she finally found her soul mate, she got disappointed once again.  


….continue reading the rest of the tale in PART 11


  1. Beautifully and meticulously written by a beautiful mind that gives hopes to the hopeless and desire to those that dreamed. A book of a creative minded human being and faith to believe that out of nothing , that someone somewhere specially and specifically made for you is out there and believing only destiny can and will make our path to meet with the love we dreamed and fantasized about….. weird but dreams do come through.

    1. Thank you for your beautiful words. It means a lot for me to know that my writings can inspire someone, and that one day could become a guided path or a survival kit.

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