“Let me tell you this: if you meet a loner, no matter what they tell you, it’s not because they enjoy solitude. It’s because they have tried to blend into the world before, and people continue to disappoint them.”

― Jodi Picoult

I experienced three types of silence in this life on Earth: the inability to speak, the silence after talking, and solitude. My surprise was that even though are all related to the same principle-quietness, the meaning of each was so different in my experience. The inability to speak, it was soaked in tears, strangled my breath, made it hard to swallow my words, and scratched my throat all the way down to my guts. It was mixed with fear and disappointment, was almost breathless, and was silent. The silence after talking was releasing and came with a big exhale from all the words that have been held in my mouth, with fresh air replacing the space from where were coming out. But then came questions, and everything got mixed up in my head. If what was said was not understood correctly, and if the message was not received for the true value. Was the silence that made louder noise in my head, and came with regrets and questions that sought answers for. And the last one, and probably the most important, was the solitude. The time and space stopped there, and around was only silence and me. There was no place to escape, no place to hide, just me with the truth in front. That place in time brought all the words unspoken and all the conversation said, and all around were voices that wanted to speak their truth. When every voice finished what they had to say, a pleasant motionless vibration made possible being by myself. The peace and the nothingness were the keys that I was asking for in every language I knew. For a moment of truth, it was just me and finally, the silence had no sound.

Noise and silence come together and we cannot have one without the other. Complementary things come always in opposite pairs, and the same as light with dark, good with bad, up and down, the same way silence comes with noise. We cannot separate them, because in a continuous noise would be chaos, and in infinite silence would not be living anymore. The equilibrium of all things in nature come with an opposite, or with contrast. How can we see a white spot without a black background or a moon without a dark sky? The question is, for humans, what is their contrast? Another human being?

The heartbeat is the medical sign that proves to us we are still alive. But, many times we die before our heart stops beating, and that is when we stop living our life the way we want. It is uncomfortable to live by the book and without any rules, it has no destination. Somehow in that beat, we find our rhythm and that is what keeps us alive. We cannot have a life without a heartbeat and a heartbeat without life is just a waste of energy. Before I leave this life on Earth, I hope those waves are made in bold lines. I want to make that heart, beats so strong to feel alive and to forget that the final destination is just a silent straight line that doesn’t follow any beat. When the line straightens up, would be no more time to music, no regrets, and no destination, just silence with no sound.

“Whatever you want to do, do it now. There are only so many tomorrows. “

Michael Landon

Silence is in the moon that silently observes the lovers from afar and shines over their bed covers. The silence is in between two soundtracks on the playlist that increases the suspense and the curiosity for the unknown. Silence is the pause between one and another, between the unknown and never forgetting, the comma between thoughts, the empty spaceline before end words. After silence is always a mystery. It would come something more, or that was the last chapter? Silence is the space where souls touch each other, understand their own language and their hearts speak volumes. That is the only silence people would remember because when silence is love, it sounds the loudest.

“All I insist on, and nothing else, is that you should show the whole world that you are not afraid. Be silent, if you choose; but when it is necessary, speak – and speak in such a way that people will remember it. “

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

I welcome you to follow the tale of that young lady who learned that silence can be very loud and very quiet, and she can also turn off the noise that doesn’t serve her purpose to continue her beautiful experience on Earth …


….continue reading the rest of the tale in PART 25



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