“See, the problem in this world ain’t sinners or even the dead. It is men who will step on anyone who stands in the way of their pursuit of power. Luckily there will always be people like me to stop them”

― Justina Ireland

We have the first impulse to judge the front cover and usually when a word like “sinner” is heard, all the thoughts go to sexuality. A sinner is not only someone who is driven by lust and desire, and we often forget about the ones who would do anything to anyone to reach their goals. Most of them have blind off and don’t see the results from above, (which I understand, can be challenging from the earth’s perspective), and their main reason to grow is going upward. That implies sometimes letting go of beliefs, ideals, or beloved humans that don’t know any better than sharing their love and understanding. Sinners are not the ones who silently desire, but those who step over their friends and families to reach a point where will not even satisfy their wishes. Running a 5k marathon is motivation and determination, hours of training and support, but running for wealth and ignoring family and friends transform a beautiful soul into a lost one that would never understand why having everything still makes them unhappy and alone.

The first part of the Bible begins with the creation, and even though I don’t consider myself a believer I remember Adam who accepted the apple from Eve and lost their Heaven. Who was a bigger sinner from them, and what is worst, to desire more or to trust and accept other one’s gift? Since those times we continue falling next to the same apple tree, and even though many generations pass the knowledge we are still finding ourselves tempted and driven by the desire for the unknown and we trust the ones who we never thought would harm us. We believe sweet words and we accept the identities of strangers based on their description. We desire the flesh and we lose in front of carnal temptation. We believe the stories and we start living in a world that was created on illusions. Who is a bigger sinner, the one who has accepted the lies imagining the desire or the one who was driven by desire and created the perfect lie?

“All the hungers we have for love, for union, for happiness are given by God to lead us to him. The difference between a saint and the greatest sinner is where they go to satisfy that hunger.”

― Christopher West

The line between a sinner and a saint was carved in stone or drew in the sand? I prefer in the sand to let the waves move it closer to spirituality in the day time and closer to the sinners in the night. While the sun would get his place back, the night would cover what is hidden under soft waves of temptation and only the moon would be the witness for passion and desire. The sinner is qualified to confess and be forgiven or is allowed to continue until he admits that he would burn in hell for so much lust and passion? Is even worth the time spent every Sunday morning to go and knock on the boot door, while at home is waiting back sweet lips that smell like jasmine and like roses? Thoughts are allowed in the lonely nights when midnight writings leave rows of passionate words but still forbidden in the daylight when people are looking suspicious while you are smiling sipping from that cup of coffee? When a sinner prays and a saint is dreaming is confusing the angels or is going to awaken the butterflies on your stomach? You think you are a sinner if you desire but when you totally lose your head while touching the silk and soft laces, what is that called? We are all saints and sinners? That depends on what time of the day you ask that question.

After you craved and dreamed of having in your hands and kissing those soft lips, you think a prayer would save you from judgment? Until next time you think about fresh roses and soft lips or you are losing it even before you had those thoughts? A small reminder, we will never learn to stop those feelings. We pray, we oppress our thoughts, we take time for ourselves, and when the time comes to love again, we all become again from saints, sinners. It is hypocrisy. No one is lost as long as would realize that even a saint has a past, and a sinner has a future.

“It is neither just the religious, the spiritual, the power-hungry, the evil, the ignorant, the corrupt, the Christian, the Muslim, the Hindu, the Buddhist, the Jew, nor the atheist that makes a hypocrite, but being a human being. Any man who thinks himself to be free of hypocrisy while committed to cherry-picking others for such, I am confident, the Almighty can prove to him a great deal of his own hypocrisy even beyond his earthly comprehension.”

― Criss Jami,

I welcome you to follow the tale of that young lady who learned that sinners have a future and the saints have a past so she to continued her beautiful experience on Earth …


….continue reading the rest of the tale in PART 26


  1. Religion is a complex topic and its comes with argument and disagreement between scholars of this topics. “Saints have a past, sinners have a future ” The Saint would argue that according to the new testament , The Bible. And the coming of our lord Jesus Christ , That their past has been wiped and erased by the blood of Jesus , which he shed of the cross of Calvary for the redemption of our soul.. hence old stuff like our past is not path of our lives anymore. As for the Sinner , its true to know and note that they Do have a future only if they make amends while still on earth and start to behave positively in accordance to all religions which supports good over evil….Like i said, scholars will talk about this topics and one cant go against them bcus its their Theory and findings…..Super Controversial

    1. We are all right, depends on what side are you looking. We can argue for days that this is a 9 or a 6, and really doesn’t matter from which side are you seeing it, it is always a different angle. We have personal beliefs and the same way I am right, you have your own truth too, even is it different than mine, which is also right. We came from the same place, but we lived a different experience; even twins coming from the same womb, feel their energy but have different personalities. Saint or sinner, we have a story to tell, and there is always a lesson to learn, that nevertheless to give up, that is not making you any better, no matter on what side you are.

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