How to put this right? Ok, I know: “You will be fine no matter what are you dealing with. ” Such a hard thing to believe when you laid down in bed for the past couple of days, wearing the same pajamas, sweaty sheets, and messy hair. Even if you made an effort you might not realize that has been more than just a few days with these feelings. The funny thing is that you don’t even remember what made you feel that way, but just can’t get out of bed. It might be that conference that took out from the tracks, it might be that conversation that really made you mad, or just the disappointment you saw in the mirror that wouldn’t reflect your goals, but show you empty eyes and fragile soul. Malaise is not telling you about everything, gives you just a bad day, or more, physically you are just tired, but your mind went crazy in your thoughts. “I think I am sad”. Sure, nothing to argue about, but I can suggest you revise those thoughts. I’ve been sad before, and damn, that hurts like fire on the open wound; brings you tears that empties your head, throws you out of all senses like you never breathe before. “I think I am sick” Sure, you might be right, but I can suggest looking for something that might help you to release your pain, like fresh air, sun, and water. I’ve been sick before, and it wasn’t funny at all; conscious and aware that I was there, but the fever and the pain took me in a different dimension and threw me under the bus. The muscles ached, the head was spinning and my powers were blinking low. Malaise is that idea that I might miss you and I want to wait, but I can still leave without you. With malaise, I am not sick or sad, but I feel melancholic for the days we dreamed, for the night we spent, and for the times we waited. It is discomfort but is like an incomplete paragraph that needs to be finished, it doesn’t necessarily make the volume weaker, but it makes the story to miss a part.

“The psychic plane is clouded over by emotions and thoughts and the general dullness and malaise that develops in our contemporary world through the social conditioning that most individuals experience in the modern era.”

— Frederick Lenz —

Words…the mixt of letters that rhythm, curls on the tip of the soft tongue and sounds great when articulated properly. But maybe when they tried to put together letters, some of them fell out of the rhythm and made those disregarded words. We are what we eat, our children copy what we do but one of the most important parts of life on earth is that we become what we hear. Of course, it is not true, but poison is made on the space between someone’s sharp words and weak ears. A lie heard multiple times doesn’t become the truth but has powers that can change your whole course in life. Fear, judgment, patterns, influence, unjust affirmation can create unbalance in your life. We are what we believe, we are what we dream, we are powerful and we can succeed. Whoever says anything else doesn’t follow your league. The problem is not to hear them, because many things are said when angry people show their scars, but the fact that we let them make our truth. “You’re ugly and nobody likes you because you are poor and weak”. These words create malaise. With that, comes disappointment, insecurity, regret, and loneliness. From there a step further and other feelings of sadness, anxiety or depression might happen. Kind words were made for us to raise our vibration, to boost self-esteem, to put a smile on our faces, and to make a better world for me, for you, and for the ones the will come after.

“Someone can tell you all your life that you’re inferior, but it doesn’t matter until you accept it and allow for validation. Once validation takes place, it’s then that the colonial malaise sets in like smallpox.”

— M.B. Dallocchio

Games were made for players that would lose or win. We live in a period of time that are no players, because nobody wants you to win, even though they might cheat at any steps you take. Doesn’t even let you set up your checkers on the board, because if you win, they don’t know how to lose. They can be owners, government, friends, or family, or anyone that have benefits from someone like you. Knowing that you will not even try to fight with the big beast, sets the table at thirty degrees angle. It is not obvious, it might be easily justified, but would never let you win. That creates malaise because we were born to fight for the game in front of us, which is an obvious game to play. Poor you! This game would never let you win, but only give the false impression that if you work harder and try better you will get to the top. But what you might not realize is that the winner stands alone. We don’t grow with other roots, but within us and with deeper search in our lives. Is convenient to keep everyone in a malaise mood, because that creates confusion, makes you think you shall be tired because there is no other way to get through your day. What changes the game, is that you set your goals, and looking for ascending rather than competing, because even plants and animals would not survive competing for the same source of food, but rather having different niches that would provide what is necessary for their growth. Is your path, and you should go your way, malaise is just to keep you stuck and doesn’t want you to grow. Release and ascend.

“Where there is chance of gain, there is also chance of loss. Whenever one courts great happiness, one also risks malaise.”

— Walker Percy

I welcome you to follow the tale of that young lady who learned that malaise is only keeping you stuck and in order to grow and to expand and you need to release the old way of doing things and look forward to your dreams and goals for a better life on Earth…


….continue reading the rest of the tale in PART 28


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