Don’t take life too seriously. You’ll never get out of it alive.” Elbert Hubbard

Imagine you wake up one day under the dirt. You have only two choices: to be buried or to be planted. What would you choose?

One seed is enough to become a tree, surrounded by the sun, air, water, and the whole Earth. That seed needs a place to spread the roots, and once the roots are strong enough, no meter what needs to face, it will always thrive.

Before that seed can be planted or buried, it had a long journey through the Universe, through the immensity of galaxies and must be very tired. Just take a seat and listen to the beautiful places the seed could visit:

  • Maldek
  • Mars
  • Pangaea
  • Lemuria
  • Atlantis

Imagination keeps us alive

What if we all came on planet Earth as planted seeds? Imagine every one of us, is a part of the Eden garden on the most beautiful planet in the Galaxy, existing with our unique DNA, with our own Karma and our EGO. Additionally, we were left to experience the most amazing period that no other life can have the privilege.

To understand why the life on Earth it is a gift, I want to remind you what we capable to do as humans :

  • have emotions and feelings
  • have dreams
  • have imagination
  • have the opportunity to create a new life
  • have the ability to adapt and reinvent
  • have the desire and the passion to achieve dreams
  • have a LIFE
  • have the most amazing opportunity to experience all of them

I welcome you to follow the tale of that young lady who came from far away and started a new life on Earth :


Once upon a time.. in the middle of the forest, in a small house with thin smoke from the top, a spare light shine through the crocked windows, where a young lady was getting ready for Christmas. The snow that felt off in the past couple of days, were making even harder the access from the back door, to bring dry wood for her chimney. She put one more time the wool covers for her boots, wrapped them around the ankles, with some thick threat. The coat was old but it was still keeping her warm in the winter, and every week, she added one more piece of leather, stitched on top of the others. The black cover for her head left to see only her eyes, beautiful brown eyes, and a little of her pick cheeks, that instantly turned red in contact with the cold air. The shovel was next to the door, and some water was still dripping from the handle; she used it just minutes before. Two steps in the front and a big chunk of ice felt in front of her from the roof… That was close! So many times she almost lost her balance on that thick ice, and many more, all her work was covered with more snow from the roof. Finally, she reached the shed, opened the old door that squicked loud and the wind blew through the holes. “Five pieces should be enough for tonight”, she thought and she grabbed them with the wool mittens – the only memory left from her grandma – and she closed the door behind her. It started snowing, and for the next morning she will need another whole day to clean up the path, but that night was Christmas Eve, and she had to finish to decorate the tree.

Another piece of wood started to burn, and the flames were making light in the small room. She poured the hot water in the cup with dry herbs, and she moved next to the chimney, where the Christmas tree looked so majestic. The fresh-cut tree, in the light of the flames, with the red cover on the bottom, white cotton around the branches, looked so precious with all the lights, the globes, and the angel from the top. It almost looked like the tree of life in the middle of the Universe.

On the very bottom, the red carpet looked like Pluto, shining a vibrated color that gave the surrounded area from above a beautiful reflection. The larger area from the bottom could be the Hyperboreans, the first part of our evolution with Saturn and Jupiter rotating from the branches. The middle part could be Lemurians, the seed, the warmth, and the love that kept the top and the bottom together. From the branches, were hanged, Mars and Venus. The smallest part, greener and thinner was Atlantis, decorated with Apollo and Artemis. The small part from the very top with two fragile branches, like it was still growing and was not fully developed, was Aryan with his Mercury. Too small to hang anything from that part, but somehow she could see the top surrounded by Omega, Andromeda, Milky Way, Uranus, and Neptune. On the top was a shining angel. The whole tree was decorated with stars from the solar system, luminaries went around like the solstice from the spring to winter, with those spherical globes similar to the planets, and the angel from the top, with one and only Polaris. The presents under the tree- were the gift she received in that life. The Carols were the harmonical sounds that heal the heart with lyrics almost mathematical. The reason she loved Christmas so much, it was because it reminded her every year from where she was coming from, and where she would return after would unfold all the presents received on that Christmas Eve.

….continue reading the rest of the tale in PART 2


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