“Not every puzzle is intended to be solved. Some are in place to test your limits. Others are, in fact, not puzzles at all…”

― Vera Nazarian

We are made from a defined structure and like a whole finite product we carry our lives with pride and dignity. But sometimes we found ourselves hit by a wall and everything breaks us into the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. Thousands of pieces to put together just to get ourselves going on is so much work for just a human. We are just a pile of pieces in a locked box that nobody cares about, forgotten on the shelf, prisoners of our own ego and karma. From where to start and when we’ll get it to an end? First, we create our boundaries, closing every corner with sharp edges, and building the walls so nobody can enter the damaged space created. Then, we continue to deal with our mess, where nothing fits and all are misplaced pieces. Frustration and disappointment can keep us steady and hold our progress, but no one knows what happens behind the walls that we created. No one can help, cause what needs to be healed comes from inside, and what we have is our game to match. Grouping the pieces by similarities and with things that look familiar, we start creating groups, and small patches start to get in place. We don’t know they are connected until we don’t find the piece that makes the bonding. We stay awake in this unsolved game, and we lose hope when nothing matches anymore. We work so much to see it done, until one day when realize that it is missing one last piece. We have a missing piece that always leaves our mind questioning, what could replace what is not meant to be replaced? Another puzzle would not fit, other pieces we cannot find, we only have to accept that sometimes, puzzles are meant to remain unsolved.

“He was a puzzle she never would have been able to solve if he hadn’t shown her how. Those were the best kinds of puzzles, though, weren’t they? The ones no one else could figure out?”

― Helen Hoang

When we try to solve someone’s else puzzle is only fair to do it when pieces are not turned. With hidden pieces and turned faces, we can’t help someone that doesn’t want to show us how. We came to life with our own set of pieces, and to help someone else who struggles, is only keeps us stuck. We’re blinded by the fools and enthusiasm, hoping their game is easier but is not. Only when you believe in miracles can think that unsolicited advice would help the ones who suffer in their own ego to find a solution for their fate. We can accept that a missing piece would not make someone worthless and that courage is the only one that changes. But do we have the courage to show our true faces, to leave ourselves naked in front of the unknown, and to admit that we are not alone in this struggle? Soaked in tears, damaged and lost, we can only help them clean the mess that was made, but unless is our game, is better to wait in the hallway for someone that goes true surgery, and leave the ones who know what should be done. We show support, but we cannot do the work for them. If there is not a need to see it done, we better leave the puzzle to stay unsolved, because we cannot fit what is not meant to figure out.

“Just because you’re puzzled, doesn’t mean life’s jagged edges won’t still fall into place for you.”

― Curtis Tyrone Jones

We are the only ones who see the progress, the other ones just the results. Nobody knows how many times we’ve tried before we brought the perfect essence of ourselves, inside our souls how many battles we had fought. Is just the missing piece that bothers us, that we’re misfits and we don’t fit in standards. If thorns are fitting next to roses, and sharp cliffs next to the sea, what makes us think that if we are not perfect we cannot find our place to be? I embraced my flaws, acknowledged my weaknesses, and admired my fault because we are not all made perfect, and maybe that is what makes us so unique. We are only shaped for our own pattern, and there is no standard for whom is good or bad, we are just pieces in an unsolved jigsaw puzzle on this closed box we call Life.

I welcome you to follow the tale of that young lady who learned that sometimes is better to leave a puzzle unsolved, even is it your own game, and the next day she continued her journey in her life on Earth …


….continue reading the rest of the tale in PART 41

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