What comes around, goes around

Karmic patterns can take you around the “hamster wheel” until you figure out how to be responsible for your own actions and to leave on your way without anyone else. At the point when you think you abandoned what doesn’t serve your advantage any longer, the wheel of fortune will bring it back in front of you, and once again, until you learn.

  • Ying/Yang/Ying/Yang/Ying/Yang
  • dark/light/dark/light/dark/light
  • good/bad/good/bad/good/bad
  • low/high/low/high/low/high
  • peace/war/peace/war/peace/war
  • love/hate/love/hate/love/hate

Would you be able to see a pattern? On the off chance that you can, that is the thing that “karma” is, only a pattern.

Figure out how to not give up and to be responsible for your own actions – karma it is watching you

I welcome you to follow the tale of that young lady who got lost in karma patterns:


The first present she opened was “Karma“; something she wouldn’t expect less. Suddenly deep sadness could be seen on her face, looking straight to flames, her thoughts went far away, back to those days when she was stuck in the same patterns. She used to take the same route to work, she used to see the same people, she used to do the same things every weekend. Everything was the same until one day she decided that she needs to change her life…but she decided to leave behind whatever she felt also..without knowing at that time, that everything she had, comes after her in time.

The first lesson she learned was only a few miles away from her home. She looked nostalgic while she remembered how a grown-up woman, surrounded by suitcases that fit her whole life in, was in her knees on the floor.

She was at the airport in Rome, with big tears rolling on her face, looking to the plane that just took off to the destination she always dreamed of, New York. You are probably wondering how that happened, for someone who plans everything ahead at least a few weeks before, who is organized and meticulous in her entire life. It’s hard to say, especially since everything was in time, and her first flight from Romania arrived a few minutes earlier. She even got a chance to enjoy a cup of espresso with almond milk, only the size of a thumb, whose flavor was out of this world, fresh and a little bitter like she never tasted before. The airport was not that big compared to the one in Munich, that could be a good jogging exercise, but as the people around her and due to the vibe that city gives, she took her suitcases and slowly rolled them down the ale in the smooth noise of the squeaky wheels. She found her gate; she chose a seat next to the big clean window so she could enjoy these giant metal birds landing and taking off – It is still a mystery for me how such a giant vehicle can fly, or even travel over the Atlantic Ocean- It was a little bit intimidating and scary, but nothing could stop her now, she was on her way to change her life, to make a difference
in this world, and she had big dreams in those two purple suitcases. She made herself comfortable in her chair, she took the book from her purse, confident that she was in the right place, earlier than usual for her and she starts reading Daphne Adeane by Maurice Baring, a mysterious and beautiful story from the 1900s. She was caught by the story through all her senses, she started living with the intensity of the boiling water that tries to find a way to absorb the whole heat, and spin around in circles of curiosity until someone turns the stove off. The airplane next to the window was making so much noise and made her lift her eyes from the book, and she stopped reading for a second.

It has been a while since she was sitting there. Did she even wonder when was her next flight? She took out the ticket from her pocket, and in a few seconds, from the boiling water, she was a hard piece of ice carved in the shape of The Scream of Edvard Munch. She couldn’t move, she couldn’t cry, she couldn’t even scream; she was stunned. It took her a few moments before she grabs her suitcases and starts running like a rolling bowl of flame with tears rolling on her face. She ran as fast as she could, faster than any moment in her life, but it was too late; the gate was closed, the plane was gone; she thought her dreams were over. She went down on her knees and she felt like if the floor would open at that moment, she would happily just go inside and close it after her. She was in between two places, where she left everything and where she doesn’t have anything. She didn’t have enough money for another ticket, she didn’t have a working phone, she didn’t know anybody, and she was lost in Rome.

But even in the worst moment of our life, a good thing will happen, because God didn’t let us wake up this morning without a reason. While she was there on the floor, a tall lady came next to her. Her name was Anne, and she was working for Alitalia, the same airline company she just missed her flight. She bent down to her and she started talking. At first, she couldn’t hear what she was saying, it felt like a dream when she told her: “Miss, we called you many times, where have you been?”. She was still crying when she told Anne with a slow and sad voice: “I was here”. Anne helped her get up and they walked to her desk. She couldn’t ask for much, but Anne offered to spend the next two hours looking for a connection flight, so she could get to her destination. In those two hours, her whole world spanned to the point where she couldn’t catch her breath. But just to find the ticket would be too easy. She had to pay in cash, a penalty fee in order to get another ticket. Annes and her went to the closest ATM and after a fast calculus converting the Romanian lei in euros, she realized that she doesn’t have enough money; she was missing 20 euros to get her ticket. Like all of those were not enough already, she was there, in the middle of the airport, asking for some change. She got 10 euros from Anne and another 10 euros as a discount from the airline company. She felt so blessed at that moment. After the whole process, Anne hands her the tickets, took her to the right gate, to make sure she will be on the next flight and left.

She could finally breathe normal, but she was still holding the ticket tight in her hand, looking from the big window, rewinding in her mind the episode that just ended. She knew then that her languages were too heavy to carry in a new world so she had left in Rome all her fears, her tears, her regrets, and she stepped in a new life that was just about to start.

….continue reading the rest of the tale in PART 3


  1. That is a really good tip particularly to those new to the blogosphere. Brief but very accurate information Appreciate your sharing this one. A must read article!

    1. Thank you for your comment. I am aware that the first articles are brief, but everything that followed came as an evolution of the first steps, and I prefer to leave it like that to remember from where I started and where I got in the present.

  2. We stumbled over here coming from a different website and thought I might as well check things out. I like what I see so now i’m following you. Look forward to checking out your web page yet again.

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