“If we choose to, we can live in a world of comforting illusions. We can allow ourselves to be deceived by false realities. Or we can use them to hide our true intentions.”

― Emily Thorne

We are wrapped in a silk veil when we came on this life, like a caterpillar in her cocoon, waiting to become a butterfly, and throughout the time we are kept in a state of illusions, with the mask covering our true self. We are born with innocence, we are like a blank canvas, ready to be painted in rainbow colors. As children, we discover this world and everything looks fascinating, from the first leaf we see to the last stone we step on. Unfortunately, our path has hidden obstacles and there is always an intervention in our true desires. We have our parents that want to put everything they never achieved in our goals, we have the teachers that inspire us from their knowledge, the pastors, the friends, and everyone around us that don’t always have the best intentions. But we cannot blame someone for our failures because their beliefs are their truth, and we are the ones who should apply everything based on ours. We follow what others are telling us to do, in school, at work, in families, but we forget that by doing so, we are only following the carrot, which is just an illusion and keeps us away from our true purpose in life. When we want to play, we have to do homework, when we want to study new things, we are caught with the grown-up life focused on bills and expenses. When we have the bliss of a child inspired by nature, we are told to behave and do not get dirty. Everything is like a mystery box that opens their door just one time, and if we don’t get what is offered from the beginning, is closing and is useless to keep on asking for another chance. We are hiding behind these illusions and we cannot find the courage to stand for our true desires, we cannot find the strength to rip the cords of attachment and to break free, apart from all of these deceptions that drag us to the bottom of despair. We can pretend for the rest of our lives that we are happy where we are, with what we achieved, or we can risk to walk bare-foot on the hot stones and broken glass and make it to the other side. We are driven by motivation or by illusions? We are really on the right path when it comes to achievements and desires, or we are just influenced by everything that was around us through time?

“Whatever is a reality today, whatever you touch and believe in and that seems real for you today, is going to be – like the reality of yesterday – an illusion tomorrow.”

Luigi Pirandello

It comes one day when we want to have something only for us, like a birthday cake, where we can blow the candles and make a wish. Unfortunately, we think that we can make things better than others, and instead of buying the carrot cake from the store, we decide that we are going to make it from scratch, with all the best and qualitative ingredients. Not all the eggs are fresh, and not all the carrots are perfect, so we go back even further and we decide to buy first the land where everything is going to grow in the most organic environment. Nobody knows how much work is behind a single slice of cake, and we face the reality when everything is invested in the most ambitious plan. A couple of droughts on the field, some diseases for the animals we have grown, couple more hot and cold days only slow our progress. In our despair, we still have faith and a goal, and we put all the effort we have into our dream: a perfect carrot cake. After many failures we had, we finally have all the ingredients on the table, but nobody told us how to mix them in order to get the spongy layers and the crunchy cream. We learn to mix the ingredients, and with some luck, we don’t burn anything and we cover our cake in soft buttercream. There are no sprinkles on top, and after all the effort we put in it feels like something is still missing. With the last strength we had left, we close our eyes, and make finally the wish. Now what? It wasn’t easier to just buy the cake from the store? Was it even worth the effort or it was just an illusion we create in our mind and was made from a small thing into a purpose in life? Even if we would not spend the whole time with an ambition that only slowed our journey, probably we wouldn’t get that far, because we are just following the carrot of illusions.

“What is the point of searching for love, when love is nothing but an illusion?”

― Marie Lu

We are searching for love the entire life, and we put hope and wishes in every soul that seems familiar to us, but they are just omens that are meant to teach us a new lesson or to make us understand that love is just an illusion. Everything around us is love, and nobody can give us something that we already have in our souls. We are searching for light in the darkest places from this world when everything around us is flowing in a divine glow that shines bright in every moment of this life. We are looking for understanding and acceptance in people that are not any better than us, and we forget that our true belonging is with the nature that always renews and grows from ashes. We are placing our dreams in weak arms that barely carry their heavy loads, without realizing that we are already gifted with this life. We are looking for treasures and we keep vaults, we look for material needs, solving problems but we forget of reliability, harmony, balance, stability, family, loved ones, and new beginnings. We should never want someone in a selfish way, but someone we would share the love we have and overflowing. We follow the illusions that someones need to belong to another one, and we forget that we are one, and with our true love we make each other grow and embrace these beauties that surrender us. We should share a mutual friendship without false promises and hidden benefits with the people we love and we admire the most. We are not honest with ourselves, and we are mistaken lust with love and innocence with needs. We think we love when we are actually we just feel insecure to face the reality, and we put our hopes and dreams for others to resolve. We create a space in time when we want to make everyone believe that they belong to us when in reality we are free to follow our path. We share the time, we share the space, but we follow our true intentions. We should never search for love because we are love and we can only search for someone that does not have it yet, not someone that is too selfish to admit that love is not kept with force, but earn it.

I welcome you to follow the tale of that young lady who understood that life on Earth is a beautiful place to live, with all the illusions that have imprinted and every day thought her a lesson as she continued the journey in her life on Earth …


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