“What I’ve always taken away from his words is the sense that we all have something that confines us, that seeks to define us, label us, belittling us in the process, shortchanging our potential. Can it be that is our sanctuary, our refuge, our way to liberty?”


I want to make an announcement about my auction that I hold tonight, before midnight. I am ready to give away my guts and thoughts and you might take from there whatever suits you well. But first I have to pay my debts and pay back whatever it was promised, and then you might take whatever’s left behind.

My flesh and bones go to the Earth. I always felt like making a donation for someone who really deserves to have my shiny eyes and honest smile. The only one who cared for my tears and healed my scars, sharing the richness and the beauty was the nature.

My soul goes back to God. He sent me here on Earth with a mission and I must return with the reports and everything that was part of the experiences I signed for. He needs to give me some explanations for this experiment and I bet he knows was not a fair game to send me out here without any instructions or insurance in order to survive in such a place in time. I trust his intuition and if he sent me on my own, he knew that I can handle this risky journey and the test, but still i need some answers.

My mind holds all my memories, from love to hate and letting go. Those stories I leave as a survival kit for those who would need the most of them, when hopeless and betrayed would need to get up and rise again from ashes. The thoughts hold heavy loads as clouds hold their rain. Gets heavier and pour too many tears but then gets fluffy and disappear with the wind, so let them take away.

My heart keeps love but it might never learned how truly feelings are but carried one for children, and that’s enough for me. The tiny hands that grab your face and gives you sticky hugs are just enough to feel that love comes from small packages labeled with silly smiles in perfect moments.

The faith that let us know that we will meet again, is known by magicians also. With tricks that take your mind in a different time just to show you what do you want to see at that moment, disappears with a snap of fingers and is never meant to be seen again.

“The power of music, whether joyous or cathartic must steal on one unawares, come spontaneously as a blessing or a grace”

Oliver Sacks

If nothing from above will please you, just take this empty sheet of paper, and let’s create some music on. The sol key would give the central tone that holds the rhythm as the grounded feeling in this world. Note after note a new song will be created to last for generations as one that never been before, even though so many have been written. Catharsis would be felt by those who later on would listen to this part, and to give hope for those who never stop to believe in love and God.

Now tell me please, before the auction starts, how much you are willing to pay for a blank sheet of paper that hold on just my name?

I welcome you to follow the tale of that young lady who parts everything she had in a fair auction and left for a new beginning and adventure that changed her life forever…


….continue reading the rest of the tale in PART 17


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