“The first thing we do when we come into this world, and the last thing we do when we leave it”

When life plays patterns and you can’t get it … when life takes you from here to there and you’re frustrated and all you want is to scream and feel that you’re losing yourself all you have to … really…is think. Who am I? And what exactly is everything around us. Is this shit really real? Or just a figment of imagination , of everybody and nobody in particular but us as collective and what we have created … and for that reason  who says we can’t uncreate? delete and destroy? As really the planet is showing us that after calamity all it comes is a rebirth like a phoenix . A very touched soul once told me “ do not take the path of peace and kindness until all parts of violence have been thoroughly explored “ and that seems to be the theme of Earth taking in consideration on what is really happening right there and the butterfly effect of the fucking karma. As in fact we all are a bad guy in someone else’s life. So don’t despair my friend we all have been there or we will sooner or later …until then stay still meditate enjoy what you can enjoy and fuck the rest.

I am lightning and thunder and what is more purifying than that ? as lightning feeds the earth with energy and thunder clears the bad energy and purifies the air. As the air is never better smelling after a good rain and a person after surviving a dark night of the soul period. To find the truth about you …just open the eyes in nature and see what resonates with you more and that is what you really are.

If you want to hide something make it in plain sight but what if God never wanted to hide it but actually put it there for us to really see it? Oh, what good will be when we can drop the toddler-ish attitude and touch lives with our hearts, what better feeling than connecting between us and never ever feeling lonely or despair again.

Just don’t be prude and scratch that mother fucker of the ego put it in the prison of his own egocentric cell and you …. Well just live as I am planning to …but not just know maybe …maybe tomorrow … as now, to be honest, I have an ice cream meeting with that motherfucker . Let’s hope I win.


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