There’s only one thing more precious than our time and that’s who we spend it on.

Leo Christopher

What is Time?

  • Time is slow when you wait
  • Time is fast when you are late
  • Time is deadly when you are sad
  • Time is short when you are happy
  • Time is endless when you are in pain
  • Time is long when you feel bored

Every time, time is determined by your feelings and your psychological conditions, not by the clocks.

We all know about PAST-PRESENT-FUTURE, but how many of us know when is the time for each of them? We find it hard to live in the present time and we end up most of the time in the past because is easier to refer to something that we already know. We dream about the future and we make plans but we don’t achieve them because we don’t find the courage. We end up living in the present time. The present is a gift and for the day ongoing is a great achievement; not all of us got to this point today. For some, life ended yesterday or will end tomorrow, we never know for sure when the mechanism of the time machine would stop working. The real gift is not the time we have left to live, but living in the time we have left.

Time is intuition, hope, and desire. Time is when you need to sit down and read a book when nothing else seems to matter. Time is when you saved a life or left before you could get hurt. Time is when you need the most someone to tell you that everything will be fine, or the time when is nothing else to do than move on. My time and your time might never meet but in time we both going to remember that was not our time. Missing time felt like honey melting through the fingers, leaving behind a sticky feeling and nothing measurable. Time is fluid and time is nowhere to be found and leaves behind questions and unwritten stories

The sand from the beach does not measure the time, but captive in an hourglass is forced to limit his potential and to pour the same amount each time. Time limits our expectations, imposes deadlines, and forces our life to stay in quadrants. What is kept in a closed space would never have the courage to feel the waves of the ocean, to smell the salty water, and to get warmth from the sun. Sometimes we close in an hourglass our dreams and passions and live with them forever, turning from one side to another, looking through the glass wishing for a different story. When feels too heavy to count and do the same turnings every time, remember that is always something else to do even if you have to broke into pieces to be able to escape. In life we always have two choices, to stay limited in an hourglass or to break free and feel the ocean breeze every morning.

We all write stories about our time and every place, person or event is marked somewhere in time. We end up referring to the time as today or that day. The past events might be placed in time somewhere, but becomes hard to keep all the dates in mind. Some might consider the y-axis for the time but I prefer the x-axis for the events I store my life. I keep my memories from the past in stories between hardcovers on the shelves. My private library, with limited visitors and in advance requests for borrowing the volumes is hidden in the attic. Each book has a story with different periods and characters. I don’t label them in alphabetic order and have no titles. The stories are on the shelves in almost one-meter volumes, aligned in the order that happened. Some of them have missing pages, I tore them apart because was too hard to reread. Others have blank pages in the end because were never meant to be finished. For a few of them, I had revisions, but have the same ending so I stopped doing that. Ticker or thinner, all of them are held between hardcovers. Sometimes I take one and look through the pages to remember a great time, but I end up reading only sad stories. I am still writing today, but what I have always on the table is the plot that would make history and would rewrite the most beautiful story. The length of that book would achieve what is left for one meter of time. What worries me is the more time pass, the less space I would have to fit that story on the shelf.

“There is no one busy in this world, it’s always about priorities. You will always find time for the things you feel important”


I welcome you to follow the tale of that young lady who never stops dreaming of the story that would change the ending of her life …


….continue reading the rest of the tale in PART 18


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  3. I loved the insight and breakdown of the scripture through your experiences. Looking forward to the next read! Dorena Royce Blau

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  5. The writer took alot of Time , Just like the Subject mater indicated to write extensively about TIME and it was done beautifully…….All i have to say is that. As far, the earth , sun sets and rises, summer and winter,Time will always be Ticking and waits for no body , and its very humbling to know we have limited time here on earth our self . To live this life ones and to do it while the TIME ticks Its saddening .its because , ppl are scared to make good use of TIME because of peer groups, Family, society and coworkers thinks of them. Hence , while we keep waiting the time waits for no one. Hmm

    1. In a time frame and a test, you either get a great score or come back for another chance. Time is here and is just an hourglass to remind you that you have limited time to make good use of it. The same hour for someone who loves and waits is passing differently than the one for someone else that is waiting in a hospital hallway for a loved one in a surgery procedure. They both love, they both wait, but for one of them, the time would be the invisible enemy who doesn’t care about feelings. We don’t need to wait for the time to give us hope in milliseconds when we waste years from our lives being scared and driven by false hope and illusions. One life – one hourglass – one chance.

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